Much more than just English and Adventure

February 24, 2020
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Learning English with JLA. How do we do it?

We tend to focus our blog posts on the adventure activity side of the English school.  Each year we take hundreds of photos of our English students enjoying the fantastic adventure activities that we offer at Jersey Language Adventure. These photos remind us of happy days spent in the sunshine, sharing fun and exciting moments in the waves, or on the rocks, or jumping from the cliffs into crystal clear waters somewhere around Jersey’s magnificent coastline.

We combine our English classes with adventure activities because it brings great balance to the learning experience that we offer at JLA. Learning English can be tiring. It requires concentration, determination, a lot of energy, and also some patience. Our activity programme provides a welcome release, and allows our students to relax and to consolidate their learning in a laid back and fun environment.

More than just English and Adventure.

But we believe that a variety of experience is the best way to really learn a new language and improve comprehension communication in a wide range of different environments and settings, so we try our very best to involve our English students in as many fun and exciting new activities as possible. These might be classroom based, or out in the community, outside in nature, or around camp in the evenings. We look for any way possible to make the English learning experience as rich and varied as it can be.

Looking back over the last 10 yrs at JLA we have done so many things to help our students learn English, as well as to broaden their life experience in general that we thought it would be nice to remind ourselves of our journey, to say thanks to everyone for your participation, to our English students for choosing JLA and for being amazing during your stay with us, and to the JLA teachers for your enthusiasm, motivation and energy!



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