Rock Climbing

Test strength, agility, and trust, as you gain altitude scaling Jerseyʼs breathtaking sea cliffs. Feel a sense of freedom and appreciate Jerseyʼs wide open seascapes from a brand new perspective.


Coasteering is one of our favourite activities. Traverse the coastline and jump from cliffs into the sea. Swim into caves and through tunnels and allow the tide to float you along. Visit secret beaches and coves and take a dip in our ʻoctopus poolʼ. Find some fresh seafood! A wonderful adventure for all ages.


Abseiling is all about testing your courage and nerve as you tentatively edge backwards, lowering your body slowly into the void. Experience Jersey from a different angle!


With the right surf board, a positive attitude and plenty of energy, surfing is accessible to everyone. We guarantee you will get to your feet! Once back on the beach, youʼll be rewarded with hot sausages and cold drinks from one of our legendary beach barbecues as we all sit together to watch the sun go down. A unique and special Jersey Language Adventure experience.

Sea Kayaking

Explore Jersey from the sea, discovering caves, channels and beautiful hidden beaches. Get up close to Jersey’s wildlife and maybe even catch a glimpse of our resident dolphins. Using sit-on-top kayaks, no previous experience is necessary to enjoy the delights of Jersey’s coastal waters.

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