Our Philosophy

We are a boutique English school, run by passionate teachers who are fascinated by language and learning. Each of our students receive a warm and personalised welcome, first-class English tuition, and an outstanding programme of activities to encourage and stimulate learning. By inspiring and engaging our students, we achieve great results. Learning with us is fast, efficient, and a lot of fun!

Remarkable progress in English is possible in a short space of time. At JLA, we maximise improvements by following a few golden rules:

  • Our class sizes never exceed four students per teacher. Each and every student receives the support and encouragement they require to achieve their goals.
  • In our English lessons we use interesting and stimulating material, relevant to the learner. Our students remain involved and focused during their lessons.
  • Our students are actively encouraged to talk, both during the day, and at home. Students gain confidence in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.
  • Our unique combination of classroom lessons and adventurous outdoor activities ensures students develop fluency by practicing speaking and listening skills in a range of different situations.
  • Language input continues outside of the classroom. Students naturally increase vocabulary, improve accuracy and deepen their understanding of the language.
  • Our courses bring people together. United by a desire to learn and through sharing a variety of new challenges, students learn from each other, whilst enjoying wonderful new life experiences.

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