Learn English and Climb with Jersey Language Adventure

February 23, 2020
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Learn English and Climb

If you haven’t heard, rock climbing was recently added as an Olympic sport and will be featuring at the Tokyo Olympics this year.

At Jersey Language Adventure we love to climb, and we feel lucky that we can combine our English learning programmes with such a fantastic activity.

Climbing is a great sport and nowadays it is very accessible. But it’s not for everyone, and many people feel immediately out of their comfort zone when they leave the ground, even for just a few feet. Most of us are so used to standing in balance on the flat that any change can feel wildly overwhelming and very frightening!

We love to see our English students facing this challenge and overcoming their fears, and we normally find that people achieve much more than they expect with just a little encouragement and careful instruction. We also find that people love the experience, even if once is enough for some!  For many of our students, it will be the first time climbing, and the first time hanging on the rope to come back down. It requires a lot of trust, confidence and a fair amount of courage too!

Here are some photos of one of the more challenging climbs we do with our English students. After a warm-up on some easier ground, the more vertically inclined like to try something with a little more exposure.

We teach English to young learners, teenagers, and also to adults, and we find that climbing is always a winner on the satisfaction front. Learning English has never been so much fun!

We hope you like the photos. Tune in to the Olympics to watch the pros rock climbing this summer. There are three categories and it should make for great viewing.

If you want to see more about climbing in the Olympics, check out the link below:


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