Jersey Language Adventure Mission Statement :-) … Come and learn English with us ;-)

January 25, 2019
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At JLA we are passionate about English and we love adventure! We simply
combined the two elements and our legendary English language and adventure
programme was born. :-)
Ten years on and we have perfected the recipe to ensure that your child’s language learning experience is a fantastic success. We don’t believe a better programme can be found.
During their stay with us, the safety and happiness of your children are our main priorities. They will feel welcome and at home from the moment they arrive, and we do everything in our power to make sure they have a smile on their face from start to finish. JLA is a small family run school. Nobody gets left behind!
We appreciate that a trip to a foreign country for a young person can be a scary prospect for the whole family. We look after all of our students as if they were our own children.
Because our school is small we are able to get to know all of our students as
We want to hear their stories, and we’re happy to tell them ours.
The JLA programme is intense and we don’t waste any time. We see every moment
as an opportunity for adventure and learning. Our students return home with better English and a renewed and improved confidence in their language ability, but also with many new skills, new friends, and with hearts and minds full or wonderful memories. ;-)
Your children may return home tired, with salty hair, and with sand between their toes, but they will be smiling and happy, and full of stories of an unforgettable adventure in English. ;-)

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