Your English Course with Jersey Language Adventure – What to bring to Jersey?

February 14, 2020
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What to bring with you to your English and Adventure course with Jersey Language Adventure.

If you’re asking yourself what to bring with you for your English language stay in Jersey then look no further.

We’ve compiled a list of things to bring to help you when packing for your English adventure.

1) Passport or ID card. Without one of these, you cannot travel to Jersey.

2) Spending money for things like the cinema, the swimming pool, extra snacks, and ice creams! We recommend between £25 and £40 for one week. A little more if you want to buy more than just a few small souvenirs. You will also need £2 for:

3) Bus money. You may have to take the public bus twice during your stay in Jersey. On Wednesday afternoon our students normally have some free time to explore and may have to use the public bus.

Well that’s the boring stuff out of the way. Now some more practical things to help you enjoy your English adventure to the very max and keep you comfortable during your stay.

4) A pen and a writing pad. A lovely writing pad will help you organise your notes during English lessons. You’ll learn a lot more if you take pride in your English notes. Writing things down is a great way to help you remember the new things you have learned in English.

5) Warm clothes and a hat. We like to stay at the beach in the evening sometimes for a barbecue,  or to go for Fish and Chips, so having some warm clothes is essential. Especially after a sunset swim when the evening cools down.

6) A waterproof jacket. The weather in Jersey is often lovely but it still rains from time to time. A jacket for the rain will keep you dry and happy :-)

7) Sensible footwear for a bit of gentle walking along paths, through the woods, and over rocks by the sea. Vans are not ideal but a pair of sports trainers should be fine. No need for hiking boots.

8) Swimwear for the pool and the sea. Swim shorts  (long is fine) for the swimming pool and for wearing under  a wetsuit. A quick drying towel is also very useful for after water activities.

9) Comfortable clothing for doing sport.

10) A second pair of old trainers for going in the sea (for coasteering). (If you have surf booties, please bring these instead)

11) A small bag or backpack/rucksack for transporting your things each day.

12) Sunglasses

13) Suncream

14) A towel for the shower back at camp

15) VERY IMPORTANT! A drinking water bottle (une gourde). So that we don’t have to waste plastic.

For the Adventure Camp you will also need

15) A sleeping bag (we provide sleeping mats and the tents)

16) A pillow case ( we provide pillows)

17) A headlamp ( to help you find your things in the dark in your tent) 

And if you really want some luxury:

18 ) A changing robe. This is a large towel with sleeves that you pull over your head and makes getting changed into swimwear at the beach much easier.

It is not necessary to buy anything new for your JLA experience. We can provide anything that you do not have.

If you think we missed something then please let us know. Don’t worry if you forget something we always have spares.



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