A day of English and adventure in the life of an English student at Jersey Language Adventure

January 20, 2020
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A day of English and Adventure in the life of an English student at  JLA.

For parents wondering what exactly their children will be doing whilst studying English with Jersey Language Adventure, here is a quick breakdown:


Sunday is normally pick up and welcome day. Some of our students arrive by boat from St Malo with the JLA chaperone service. Others arrive by plane from various destinations and someone from the JLA team picks them up. We always meet all of our students at the harbour or at the airport.

After pick up, we go back to the JLA camp. Students who are staying with a family are dropped to their family for dinner.

At Jersey Language Adventure we have two private minibuses. Dave and Lady drive the buses.

At camp, students are given their tents ( two or three students per tent) and before unpacking we often have a chat together as a group. Students might introduce themselves to us and to the others, we talk about the programme together so everyone knows the plan for Sunday evening and Monday morning. We talk about the camp and establish some ground rules.

Students can then unpack their bags, make themselves at home, explore the camp and relax a little before dinner. We cook and eat together and then might have a camp fire with some conversation or games before bed.


After a great night’s sleep we eat breakfast together between 08.00 and 08.45. We leave camp at 09.15 and head to school in the minibuses.

At school the group is divided and students have three hours of English class. Here’s more about our English classes:


Lunch is at 12.45 and we eat together at school, normally outside in the gardens if it’s dry.

In the afternoon we head off to do one of our fantastic activities. During the week we always practice surf, climbing and coasteering. These are the most popular activities but we also sometimes go kayaking, stand up paddling, or play some beach games. We talk with the group and make the best decision depending on the weather and what the group feel like doing. You can see a list of our activities here:


Because JLA is small we are able to remain flexible and change plans last minute if necessary. We also get to choose the activity when the conditions are best for that activity.

After the activity we normally head back to camp. If we need to go shopping then we all go together. It’s not unusual for us do do our food shopping with the help of ten or more of our students! It always makes for a fun shopping trip!

Back at camp, students can go in the pool, take a shower, relax a little, or help us prepare the evening meal which we normally eat outside. We often have a BBQ. Dinner time is relaxed and fun and we always insist that everyone speaks English at dinnertime.

After dinner if we have time we play games or sit around and chat. Sometimes we make a fire and cook marshmallows or homemade bread. If anyone plays the guitar then this is a great time for a campfire sing along.

Tuesday (and Thursday and Friday)

Tuesday is a lot like Monday but we’ll do a different afternoon activity. On Thursday we often stay at the beach and have a BBQ, enjoying the sunset before returning to camp.

On Friday we sometimes go for takeaway fish and chips. We sit on the beach and watch the sunset or eat on the harbour wall on a high tide. We sometimes combine this with volleyball and beach games.


Wednesday is a little different. After morning English class, students are free to enjoy their afternoon on their own. They can visit St Helier do do some souvenir shopping, go to the cinema, swimming pool, or bowling, or even visit the zoo. We have a great Zoo in Jersey:


Students take the public bus back to the camp where we meet them for dinner and an evening at camp. Jersey is a great place to discover some independence but for younger students we are able to offer more support during the free afternoon if necessary.

Saturday and Sunday

On Saturday morning we drop students returning to France at the harbour and they make the journey home with our chaperone service. All that parents have to do is meet us in the arrivals hall in St Malo.

Students leaving by plane are dropped at the airport.

Students who are staying for two weeks stay with us at the weekend. We offer some activities during the weekend but students are also free to enjoy themselves as a group if they prefer.

Our programme is fast paced, pretty tiring and we certainly don’t waste any time. We try to fit in as many different activities as possible so that students really make the most of their time with us. Everything is in English and we are able to make sure that each student receives the very best service possible depending on their needs. No one is left out and no one is left behind. We start and finish as a team.

We hope we have explained a little more about the day to day of our English and Adventure courses. If you have any questions have a look at our FAQs here or send us an email.

We look forward to seeing your children soon!

David , Lady and the JLA Team :-)


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